Making More Money from Your Vacation Home: It’s All About the Add-Ons!

Owning a vacation rental offers a fantastic avenue for generating extra income, but there’s a cap to how much you can earn from bookings alone. Even with a calendar fully booked 365 days a year—a challenging feat in itself—there’s only so much revenue you can extract. That’s where creatively thinking about guest services can play a pivotal role. Offering add-ons not only provides an avenue for additional revenue but significantly elevates the guest experience, making your property stand out in a crowded market.

Deep Dive into Revenue-Boosting Add-Ons

The concept of add-ons revolves around offering additional, optional services or experiences that guests can purchase to enhance their stay. These add-ons should be thoughtfully selected to add genuine value, offering convenience, luxury, or unique experiences that guests wouldn’t easily find elsewhere.

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out

Giving guests the flexibility to check in early or leave later than the standard times can be a simple yet highly appreciated service. It’s perfect for travelers with awkward flight times or those who simply wish to maximize their last day.

Celebration Packages

Personalized celebration packages for birthdays, anniversaries, or honeymoons can include decorations, a bottle of champagne, a custom cake, or anything that makes a celebration special. This thoughtful touch can turn a stay into a memorable experience.

Gourmet Breakfast Options

Partner with local chefs or bakeries to offer delicious breakfast packages. Whether it’s a full spread or a simple basket with pastries and coffee, starting the day with a tasty meal adds a layer of comfort and luxury to the stay.

Equipment Rentals

For properties near nature trails, lakes, or in urban areas, offering bikes, kayaks, golf carts, or ATVs can enhance the adventurous side of a vacation. Ensure you provide all necessary safety equipment and instructions.

Private Chef Experiences

For an intimate and luxurious dining experience, offer the services of a private chef. This can range from a one-off dinner to a fully catered stay, depending on the guest’s preferences and budget.

Exclusive Tours and Classes

Curate private tours that showcase the best of your area, from hidden gems to local favorites. Yoga classes, cooking lessons, or wine tastings can also offer a unique local flavor to your guests’ experiences.

Spa Services

In-house massages, facials, or full spa days can be a major draw for guests looking to relax and unwind. Partnering with local professionals can bring the spa experience directly to your rental.

Mid-Stay Cleanings

Offering additional housekeeping services can be a game-changer for longer stays, ensuring that your property remains pristine and comfortable throughout the guest’s visit.

Airport Transfers

Providing hassle-free transportation to and from the airport adds a layer of convenience and luxury, making the travel experience smoother for your guests.

Partnering with Local Businesses

A key strategy in offering these add-ons is forming partnerships with local businesses and service providers. This not only supports the local economy but ensures that your guests receive top-quality services. Negotiate deals with these providers to get the best rates, which will allow you to offer competitive prices to your guests while still enjoying a markup.

Marketing and Selling Your Add-Ons

Effectively marketing these add-ons is crucial. Highlight them on your booking site, in your welcome emails, and through direct communication with guests. If you use a Property Management System (PMS), leverage it to showcase these options both at the time of booking and closer to the guest’s stay. For those without a PMS, straightforward communication via email or messaging apps, coupled with payment through cash or digital platforms like Venmo, remains effective.

Conclusion: Transforming Guest Stays into Unforgettable Experiences

By integrating add-ons into your vacation rental offering, you’re not just looking to increase revenue; you’re aiming to create unforgettable experiences that will keep guests coming back and spreading the word. The right mix of add-ons can set your property apart, ensuring it’s not just a place to stay, but a key part of an exceptional vacation experience. Whether it’s through the luxury of a private chef, the adventure of exploring local sights, or the convenience of airport transfers, each add-on should aim to enhance the guest’s stay, leaving them with lasting memories and a desire to return.

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