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Discover Long-Term Success with the 7-Pillar STR Growth Framework, Your Proven Strategy for Any Market Condition.

A Reality Check

The New STR Landscape

Gone are the days of effortless STR bookings. Welcome to a new era where only the strategic thrive.

Intensified Competition

Your listing needs to do more than just exist — it needs to shine

Guest Expectations

Travelers are seeking experiences not just a place to stay

Competition from Hotels

Hotels are now mimicking STR flexible and authentic stays

Platform Dependency

Relying solely on platforms like Airbnb puts you at their mercy

Finding Your Way In

the STR Maze

The challenges are real, but so are the solutions. We address common stumbling blocks, helping you:

Since 2021, we’ve guided STR owners like you to clarity and success.

A complete solution

The 7 Pillar STR Growth Framework

Step up from temporary solutions to our 7 Pillar STR Growth Framework, a comprehensive strategy designed for lasting growth and success in the dynamic STR marketplace.

Optimize Main Platform

Start strong by enhancing your primary listing to immediately attract attention.

Dynamic Pricing Strategy

Pricing updates in real-time, ensuring you maximize revenue all year round.

Expand Your Reach

Avoid dependency by listing your property across multiple booking channels.

Streamline Operations

Use a unified system (PMS) to manage bookings effortlessly, across all platforms.

Embrace Direct Bookings

Secure bookings directly, cut down on platform fees and boost repeat stays.

Master Marketing

Develop a direct line of communication for targeted marketing and repeat business.

Exceptional Guest Experiences

Ensure every guest stay is memorable, encouraging 5 star reviews and repeat visits.

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Gain a competitive edge in the short-term rental market with “The Ultimate Guide to Thriving in Today’s STR Market,” packed with proven strategies and insights for success.

Client Success Story

Your Home in Ludington

Your Home In Ludington achieved over 85% direct bookings in 2023 after working with us for 2 years, exemplifying our strategy’s power to revolutionize STR businesses.

I have 8 properties and direct bookings make up 85% of my whole portfolio. Rubicon Hospitality created my website and it's been invaluable for my business.
Marta Greenslait
YHIL's Founder & Property Manager

Why Us?

The 7-Pillar Advantage

Who we help

Are You Our Ideal Partner?

This is for visionary STR owners and property managers who:

Anticipate the Market Trends

You're in it for the long haul, seeking more than just the next booking but sustainable growth

Recognize the Need for Change

You understand the evolving market and are ready to adapt

Value Direct Guest Connections

You know the importance of building a brand and loyalty beyond a stay.

This isn’t for you if:

About us

The Go-To For Direct Bookings

We specialize in empowering hosts and property managers to secure direct bookings, reducing reliance on platforms like Airbnb.

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